Welcome to Woodfield Clinical Consulting LLC

Woodfield Clinical Consulting

Is a science based consulting  company. The company has a focus on early clinical drug development. It  was formed in 2001 by Dr. Neville Ford following his  retirement                      from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical  Research Institute.

Our Goal

The goal of Woodfield Clinical is  to add value to your projects. We have accomplished this in  a variety of ways for other clients.

  • Developing early development clinical plans to address                        many of the key issues, exposure/toxicity relationships, PK/PD, DILI,                        QTc prolongation etc.
  • Making contributions to the clinical development program                        that refocus it, so that it can provide the data required for key GO/NO GO decisions more expeditiously
  • Preparing for and attending key meetings with regulatory                        authorities, FDA and European.
  • Helping to prepare and reviewing CTD and NDA documents prior to                        submission.
  • Assisting with the requirements of the Pediatric Exclusivity                        Program to obtain additional exclusivity for the product.
  • Appraising licensing opportunities.

The company has also provided advice to law firms involved with pharmaceutical issues. 

However, the primary focus  of the company is in the drug development process and particularly  in the critical early development phase, where opportunities  can be overlooked or unrealistic expectations for a project  can lead to a squandering of resources.