Our Clients

 Woodfield Clinical Consulting, LLC has a diverse range of clients, from “big” Pharma                      to small “start-ups”. It has also accomplished  a number of varied tasks for them. For Bristol-Myers  Squibb  we were instrumental in the filing of the NDA for  Pravigard®                      and the preparation for the FDA Cardio-Renal  Advisory Committee.  For some of the smaller companies it has been the  filing of the IND and the design of the “First in Man Study”  with the follow-up rising multiple dose study and  choice of the appropriate “biomarker”. Such a choice enables one to gain an understanding of what the duration of  the clinical  effect might be and what dose would be required to  see it. Reviews of licensing opportunities make use of Dr.  Ford’s  knowledge of medicinal chemistry. He can often  immediately  grasp how the new compound fits into the “prior  art”. His knowledge of clinical methodology permits him  to provide a clinical plan of how to demonstrate its  clinical profile. You will also be provided with a fair and balanced  appraisal of its therapeutic potential.